Walter Whent

Head of House Whent of Harrenhall


An old man with wild hair that has all but disappeared from the top of his head. His pointed beard reaches midway down his chest. He is always seen clad in the finest garments, befitting a man of his great wealth.


Canon Background

After spending more than a month grieving the loss of his son Orvyle, Walter met with the Jasper envoy (Teddy, Alys, Dolins, Maester Thaddeus, Calaila). With his Maester Tothmure present he explained his difficult position. He is sworn to House Tully, who has declared for the rebels, but could not bear it if his forces caused harm to his brother Oswell of the King’s Guard. Ultimately he agrees to take up the rebel cause if Teddy can prove he is just and moral. He requests that the party “happen by” Saltpans because Sheera Cox has taken ill and they have no Maester. Ser Quincy is a proud man who would not accept help if it came from Walter (Walter and Quincy’s fathers were bitter rivals in their youths while squiring at River Run and that grudge lingers in Quincy)

Walter Whent

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