Maester in service of House Corbray


Heavy-set, with slumped shoulders, the man’s heft is obvious. He even breaths heavy and walks heavy. His blue eyes appear to always be on the verge of tearing.


A portly and obtuse man. Maester Wilber completed his chain later in life than most and entered the service of a house when he was four-and-forty years of age. He trafficks only in truth and honesty, to fault. He is reliable and steadfast, dedicated to his order and his vows. he is stationed at Heart’s Home and serves House Corbray.

When a colleague in service of Snownook interrupted his before dinner soup Maester Wilber was pleasantly surprised. Maesters do not often have the chance to meet face-to-face. It was clear from the outset that the younger Maester had an agenda; he sought to convert House Corbray to the rebel cause! Ever a man of peace Maester Wilber was able to make a compelling argument that continuation of the Targaryen dynasty was best for the realm… and took his leave when his bowl was empty.

In January of 284 AC Wilber was bantering with the Corbrays in the great hall of House Grafton’s great tower-keep amidst dozens of lords and knights when he was approached by Jardon. The man asked the maester to appraise a vial of a mysterious substance; after much deliberation Wilber declared it to be firemilk. He gladly shared information of its use with Jardon.

Ser Lyn was returned to Heart’s Home, grievously wounded, after going for a ride with Arturo Stone. Weeks later Lyn’s condition had not improved, Wilber suggested internal bleeding but was at a loss as to how to proceed until a contingent from House Jasper arrived in February 286 AC. Wilber asked Thad for guidance; the younger Maester explained that he had recently learned of “surgery” during his sabbatical and the pair removed a damaged kidney (which Thad had diagnosed to be the source of the problem).


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