Wilbert "Bert" Webber

A Knight of House Webber


A middle-aged man with pale hair, pale beard, and a permanent smirk.



A talkative and friendly fellow. Though he continues his forebears’ name, House Webber, he is nothing more than a sword sworn to House Rowan. In 283 AC he encountered a delegation from House Jasper whilst traveling through The Reach. He, Wilber, and Wendall were serving as outriders for a supply caravan from High Garden to Storm’s End and were ambushed by Jardon, Carsen, and Nestor Royce in the night. Wounded by a bolt and bloodied he and his fellows surrendered and were taken captive.

After being interrogated Bert and his follows were held captive by Ser Carson while Jardon rode forth in an effort to capture the caravan. Bert was released as a part of the terms of truce while the caravan fell into the hands of the rebels.

Bert next encountered members of the Jasper household in June of 284 AC. He was seeing Berta Rowan safely to Uplands to wed the young heir of House Mullendore when they were threatened by Carsen. A brief melee ensued in which the aggressors yielded (Jardon was backing Carsen in his effort).

In March of 287 Bert way-laid at a ferry crossing of the Mander stumped by a riddle posed to him by an old man. It went:

I was in the sea where scaly fish once swarmed,
But with changed fate my nature’s frame reformed.
I feel hot pains from the fire’s torrid glow,
Indeed my surface gleams like ash and snow.

Gregoriy solved the riddle to the satisfaction of the old man and Bert gave his thanks. He boarded the ferry with the Jaspers as Carsen explained the nature of their familiarity with one another. Once the ferryman had steered the raft across the river things grew tense as Darron and Carsen tried to threaten and intimidate Ser Bert to learn the whereabouts of Blackshield (they had been told by Leo Blackbar that Bert was traveling with Blackshield). Bert resisted and the situation escalated further when Darron punched him. Seeing he was outnumbered, Bert mounted his horse in an effort to gain an advantage. Gregoriy killed his horse, Carsen shot with with his longbow, and Dolins entangled him in a net. Realizing that cooperation was his only change of survival Bert shared what he knew. Blackshield was traveling with Gwayne Flowers to Goldengrove to winter there. When the ferry made landfall teh Jaspers paid they ferryman to take the wounded Bert back across immediately.

Wilbert "Bert" Webber

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