Wilhelm Grimm

Retired Knight & Tavern Owner


Wilhelm is an affable enough man, though his scarred face is off-putting to strangers. He tends bar at the Black Cat Tavern… though he is less than enthusiastic in this task (collecting coins from patrons and letting them fill their own cups).


Wilhelm was born in Feliston but left at a young age, for reasons who does not often wish to discuss. He only returned when word reached him that his father (the owner of the Black Cat) had died. Wilhelm was hardly recognizable when he rode into the hamlet; he returned with a horse, a sword, armor, a heavily scarred face, a strong body, and a knighthood. He says he was knighted while fighting for the Second Sons in Essos. Within days of returning he married Hanna and hung up his spurs. His sword and armor have collected dust for more than a decade.

Unbeknownst to his wife, Ser Wilhelm picked up his arms and armor again at the Spring Tourney of 288 AC. He entered and lost. His scheme to earn silver and gold (via ransom) was doomed. After his loss he pleaded with Summer to speak with Lord Teddy on his behalf. He begged her to use her influence to have Teddy pay the ransom; but Summer would only speak to Hanna, asking forgiveness for his deceit, on his behalf.

The night of Eevahry’s murder in 288 AC Wilhelm served a red headed stranger who spent a lot of time in his tavern… but oddly was not drinking much. After questioning by House Jasper Wilhelm was brought on a scouting trip to search for the man (in order to identify him). After a visit to Strongsong the party was making its way east across the mountains when a chance encounter with a band of hunters interrupted them. A skirmish broke out and Wilhelm valiantly swung a borrow sword until he was taken down by the spears of the enemy. His body was returned to his wife by Dolins.

Wilhelm Grimm

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