Ser Darron's Squire, also known as Will


The young man called Wine hails from Gulltown. Why he is called Wine is something he keeps to himself, if he even knows the truth of it. Maybe because of his name, and maybe by chance, Wine has a fondness for drink. One day not long after he reached the age of majority he awoke from a stupor to soldiers of House Shett dragging him toward the keep. He came to find that he had allegedly seduced a daughter of Lord Shett. Privately, Wine believes he is being blamed for something his brother Henry did. He sat in a cell for weeks, maybe months, before he was sent to The Wall, rather than face castration.


It was February of 288AC when Wine met Ser Darron. The youth had been treed by a boar after escaping from Yoren and his exile at The Wall. After the old knight and his companions (Ser Dolins and Gregoriy) slayed the beast, Wine claimed to be called ‘Will’ and pleaded his innocence and found a sympathetic audience from Ser Darron. The old knight paid Yoren for his freedom and thus Wine became Darron’s squire. At the Spring Tourney Ser Darron bought a stiletto for Wine to train with.

In what became known as Ser Jamie’s Tourney in the region, in June of 288 AC, Wine participated in the knife throwing contest, but failed early in the contest. He spent the rest of the day squiring for Ser Darron in the Joust. A week later he was sent to fetch Ser Carsen at Teddy’s behest (to answer for allegations of a past crime).


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