Wylla Manderly

Married Into House Jasper Under Suspicion


Never considered comely, Wylla weighed more than most men and her size was the butt of many a joke.


The daughter of Lord Manderly, Wylla spent her formative years in White Harbor. Upon reaching maturity she was betrothed to, and eventually wed, the heir of the Dreadfort. The pairing was seen as fitting by most given the houses’ comparable stations as well as the poor reputation of House Bolton and Wylla’s less than ideal appearance. A short time after the marriage was consummated the Bolton lordling was found dead in their bed with no obvious cause of death. Rumors began to circulate that she had conspired in poisoning him. No proof or witness was ever produced but her significantly brighter demeanor after he died only served to fuel the fire.

She was allowed to grieve for a time, in name at least, before her betrothal to the slightly younger Illyn Jasper was announced. Her father, Lord Manderly, was forced to settle for a house far beneath their own’s station after suspicions of her mariticide emerged. When she traveled south for her wedding a contingent of personal guards were sent with her to protect her from any ‘over protective’ members of House Jasper who would not want their heir to become her ‘second’ victim. She bore her husband only one child; the boy would become Lord Ronnel Jasper.

Wylla Manderly

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