Wyman Manderly

Lord of White Harbor


Wyman has a massive belly and fingers the size of sausages. Lord Manderly has pale blue eyes and a beard that seeks to cover his four chins. Wyman is so fat he can no longer ride a horse and must be carried in a litter, leading to the nickname Lord Too-Fat-to-Sit-a-Horse. He is amiable and has a loud, booming laugh but is mocked by his own people as Lord Lamprey. By his own admission, and because of his physical appearance, Wyman is seen by many as craven and foolish.


Canon Background

In November of 287AC Wyman’s galley anchored off the coast of Snownook as he sailed from King’s Landing to White Harbor. The Smaller Council of House Jasper was summoned to his stateroom where he explained that he had come to collect a debt owed the crown. He cited the agreement that King Robert would receive 20% of the valuables found in Valyria. He was aware of the dragon egg that had been found, seemingly informed by Petyr Baelish, and had valued it at 5000gd. Wyman explained that this was a conservative valuation and that it must be paid immediately, as many years had passed since the Valyria expedition. After a brief recess Teddy and the others returned with payment. As they parted ways Wyman warned that the faith was displeased that House Jasper had opposed the building of the nearby sept.

Wyman Manderly

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