Wyman & Willas Waters

Squires Formerly In Service Of House Jasper


The boys are identical twins and have the purple eyes and pale skin typical of those of Valyrian descent. Both had been heavy-set until a recent growth spurt.


The twins were born the bastard sons of Ardin Celtigar, the cousin of Lord Celtigar. Known pranksters and trouble makers they were sent to Snownook to serve House Jasper after ruining a feast honoring their liege, the Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen held by Lord Ardrian Celtigar.

Not content in the desolation of House Jasper’s holdings the twins have muttered to many that they would like to be dismissed from service so they may travel to King’s Landing to join the Gold Cloaks. As a means to this end their unruly behavior has become progressively worse as their time at Snownook goes on. A ploy they often use is to insist that any alleged wrongdoing was done by the other brother. As squires they tend to the knights sworn to the house: Darron, Samwell, Perin, and Maelys. Edric has barred them from entering the stables.

The pair tagged along on a mission to treat with a sellsword band in 282 AC. They were trailing behind Perin, Jardon, and Carsen when they were captured by Tito. They were freed a short time later when Jardon and Perin were returning. They then served as forward observers.

Following the return of Jardon, Carsen, and Darron from the Battle of the Trident the twins were acting as cup-bearers when Jardon shared the knights of note they had faced in battle (Barristan Selmy, Jonothor Darry, Ardin Celtigar). The Waters twins became visibly angry and challenged Jardon to a duel as he had commanded the force that killed their father. Samwell brokered the terms of the duel as the senior knight. A two-on-one duel to the death against a wounded Jardon was set to be fought at dawn… which was delayed when Jardon failed to arrive. Approximately one week later, after Jardon reemerged, the duel was fought. Lord Jasper brought the duel to a premature end, expressing the foolishness of losing fighting men while a war is being fought. Lord Ronnel commanded that Jardon pay each twin 100 gold dragons in recompense and then dismissed the boys from their service of the house to ensure no retaliation followed. Wyman and Willas promised Jardon that the matter was far from over in their eyes before departing.

Wyman & Willas Waters

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