Yoren Lynderly

Lord of Snakewood


Lord Lynderly is known to be dutiful and dedicated to Lord Arryn. However, as he has grown older he has grown increasingly oblivious and oafish… though he was a knight of some skill in his youth. He is rarely seen without his ornate breastplate. His auburn hair has gone white.


Yoren has been the lord of Snakewood since the final Blackfyre Rebellion. His pride and joy are his children; Jon (his heir), Joanna (married to Lord Royce Coldwater), and Jana (a willful young woman). His nephews, Ben, George, and Thom, are his agents and advisors.

Yoren first encountered a member of House Jasper, Jardon Pyke, in the knightly common room in Snakewood. He entertained the bastard’s appeals that Ser Gyles by released from his oath, but ultimately declared that he too had sworn an oath to Gyles and that he would not renege on that promise.

Both Lord and heir of House Lynderly attended the trial of their knight, Ser Gyles, at Snownook in 284 AC. He was accused of breaking his knightly oath and of arson. Both Lynderlys suggested that House Baelish had somehow corrupted their loyal knight and that blame also lay with House Baelish. House Lynderly was found to be responsible but specific co-conspirators could not be named. House Lynderly was ordered to pay 200gd to House Baelish and was stripped of two tracts of lands that were given to House Jasper.

He was present in the Tower of the Hand when Jon Arryn appointed House Jasper as Marshall of the FIngers and the Isles on the day Robert Baratheon wed Cersei Lannister, His mood was sour, his face dark.

In February of 286 AC Yoren and Jana, and a cohort of guards, arrived at Snownook to treat with Lord Ronnel about House Thorne’s tin mine. Yoren claimed that the mine’s ore was mostly beneath Lynderly land and that he had a map to prove it (drawn from Jana’s espionage efforts, posing as a miner). He demanded 75% of the mine’s production. Swayed by Teddy’s words, Lord Ronnel ruled against House Lynderly on the grounds of their spying and stripped the tract of land in question from them.

In the ‘storming of Snakewood’ in the waning days of February 286 AC Lord Yoren Lynderly was killed by Jasper and Elesham forces. He died attempting to fight his way across the village from the keep to the gate. His small honor guard was overwhelmed by the larger host rushing though.

Yoren Lynderly

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