Yris is “kissed by fire” as wildlings say, a phrase referring to her vibrant red hair. They consider her hair to be both lucky and very attractive. Yris often travels alone, excepting the company of her snowbear, who she calls Blizzard. A wanderer by nature, she is independent… even by wildling standards.


Yris came upon the ‘Cave of the Dead’ near the Antler River just after Darron, Carsen, Jardon, and Thomas entered. Noting that a small group had just entered that cursed hollow Yris waited to see who and what emerged. Minutes passed until suddenly the three men and the boy burst out of the cave and hastily mounted their horses. They were pursued by a horde of Wights, the likes of which Yris had never seen. She shouted a warning when a horrible cold dread fell over her. A white shadow appeared at the mouth of the cave and gave chase, catching and falling the humans’ pack horse.

Yris fled too, and several days later (as all approached the point of exhaustion) Yris caught up to the Southerners at their camp, a half day’s ride from the coast. The boy spotted her, and her snowbear, first. Yris emerged from the dark, riding blizzard, and chastised the “southerners” for bumbling into the cave and blamed them for releasing the horrors within. She negotiated passage for herself and Blizzard south of The Wall on their ship, playing to their chivalrous leanings. She did rebuff Ser Darron’s fumbling advances. Once aboard the vessel the next day Yris was warging into Blizzard (unbeknownst to her new companions) to get him safely aboard the vessel when Carsen seized the opportunity to push her overboard. Yris steadied herself and was prepared to fight to the death rather than return to her home in the woods which was now infested with wights. Suddenly Darron knocked Carsen to the ground and Jardon fired a bolt into Carsen’s leg. An uneasy peace was made and Yris stayed on deck, with Blizzard, for the duration of the voyage… until they went ashore at Eastwatch seeking shelter from a massive storm…

As the vessel drifted into the harbor a contingent of crows came out to meet them, no doubt due to Blizzard’s unmistakable white hulk on the deck. Nervously, she watched as the southron knights exchanged words with the crow commander on the pier, unable to make out their words over the rain battering the ship and sea. Crows searched the ship and Yris did what she could to keep Blizzard calm. After what felt like and eternity she saw the knights hand their coin purses to the commander and return to the ship. They would all be spared they said (which was a relief as Yris knew of the Watch’s practice of removing the ears of free folk on the wrong side of the wall)… but they would need to bring her back north of the wall. Much to her surprise the next day they sailed south and along a deserted stretch of coast on the Bay of Seals. She thanked Darron and Jardon for their protection and kindness. To Carsen she said only “go fuck yourself” before plunging into the frigid water and swimming safely ashore with the aid of her snowbear.


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