Yuri Lapin

An Older Greying Figure with Long Hair and Beard. A Former Bearded Priest.


An older greying figure with Long Grey Hair and Beard, Yuri sports a scar across his right eye, although it looks like a battle scar, there might be more explanation to this. A aged buckler sits on his back with his battleaxes, going over his long flowing hides.


Yuri Lapin is another exiled Bearded Priest from the Order of the Darkwash river. He is one of Gregoriy’s most trusted allies in his separatist movement, although not as a mentor, but as a more bearded priest who is more well-versed in the ways of Norvos, as well as the outside world.

Yuri had not befriended Gregoriy until his teacher deemed it worthy for him to be welcome at the caves (most likely after Gregoriy heard the name of the god). It was not until his teacher was executed for blasphemy that Yuri started to really believe in the Order of the Darkwash River. He had always experienced the miracles and the the healing abilities, but was doubtful that this was the way for Norvos. He is apprehensive to change, but because of this he provides some balanced perspective to Gregoriy..

Yuri Lapin

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