Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Suspicious Maester

Lord Ronnel called the house to the main hall to share the shocking news that House Jasper's men were being called to the battlefield. Not knowing anything about the customs or ways of wars, I stood in the back observing the reactions in those in the room. Ronnel shared with Dolins, the maester and Teddy that he received a suspicious scroll, through the maester, and asked us to investigate the differing blue waxes, implying that someone opened and resealed the scroll before it made its way into the hands of the Lord. I followed Lady Alys to her horse, and before she left on Ronnel's mission, I asked her of her impression's of the scroll. She mentioned that she thought it was odd that the maester clearly opened this scroll not addresses to him and didn't mention why upon handing it the them, and was also suspicious of the two blue waxes.

I followed Maester Thaddeus to convince him to share with me the contents of the scroll. He initially was uncertain about my reasoning ("for the good of the house" to aid our investigation), which I found increasingly suspicious that he was not as interested in preserving the safety of House Jasper, but relented, and whispered what was on the scroll to me. I got the sense that his ability to share this secret with me strengthened our relationship, even just a little, and I agreed to help him look around the ravenry for any further clues.

On our way there, Dolins the Bard happened upon us, noting the discovery that the lock on the ravenry was not functioning properly. Thaddeus said he knew nothing of this, which surprised me, because it was my understanding that he was the only one who tended to the ravens. We continued to the ravenry together, and searched the loud room together. While Thaddeus was on the other side of the room, grumbling under his breath, Dolins and I simultaneously noticed a tipped wine glass from the kitchen on its side under the writing desk. We shared a silent agreement to keep quiet about this discovery and scurried out, Dolins suggesting to Thaddeus to fix that lock as soon as possible.

Dolins and I made our way to the kitchen, but on our way there, while entering the dining room, I was hit in the shoulder by a piece of ham, slung by Wyman and Willas in a food fight. Wanting to hide my horror, and holding back the urge to lash out in order to maintain my cordial relationship with them, I smiled and laughed along with them. They asked me to join in in their troublemaking, to which I politely declined, and continued to make my way to the kitchen with Dolins.

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