Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Oh Mirage - a poem by Darron

Her beauty eclipses the southern sun
Her grace exceeds the Vale’s heights
When the stars emerge – as the night comes
Her eyes, they shine at least as bright

Oh Fortune! You have made us one!
Do I have the warrior or crone to thank?
It feels that any-thing now can be done.
From six feet up upon her flank

Fur and plate and hoof and lance
She’s flies just like a northern gale
Our enemies all poop their pants
Victory…. comes without fail

I’ll always share the spoils, of course
Oh Mirage, my loyal horse

Recited at the Opening of the Bardic College in April of 288 AC

Raven to Mia Elesham

Could not find the girl in Jasport. Will look again with more information, can you describe her appearance?

Hands and Fingers
A poem by Teddy

A Hand

He asked for a hand
But it was only a finger
That I could offer the stranger

A hand

To quest for further land
To expand to the hand
That someday we will lend

A Finger

For now, to linger
Will have to do

From Poetry Book of Gregoriy
for the opening of the bardic college!

A Set of House Jasper Limericks……by a Norvosi

There once was a lord from the vale
House Jasper, from which he doth hail
The sight from his eyes
Use to be exorcised
Until recently, he has no use for braille.

There lived a son of our most gracious lord
The leader of our great and powerful horde
Not the most observant
But with coin fervent
To the point of leaving no deal unexplored (Norvosi Unledanket)

There once was a Knight from the vale
From House Jasper he doth hail
Once from the Reach
He is such a peach
Especially with his Tankard of Ale (Norvosi Grak)

In House Jasper, lives a quiet and helpful Stablehand
Who has experienced much more than she had planned
Animals are her kin
Almost as if they were her twin
She is a pivotal part of our band (rafeep)

And finally, our generous host for the night
Good with song and is hard to best in a fight
Always has a song
Wielding Victorinox all day long
We all know the great bard-knight (norvosi tonamin)

And I am a priest from Norvos
Your most tall and omnipotent host
I always put up a fight
But try as I might
I can’t speak WESTEROS!

Hooray - A Poem By Cedric

By Ser Cedric

It is with many thanks that I am here today
Good Jardon, Better Darron found me
In their names we should cry out Hooray!

I’ve been to the Riverlands, seen the Freys
Lord Ronnel and Lady Alys welcomed me
In their names we should cry out Hooray!

I was not in the war, distance was my delay
Sly Teddy and the kind Ser Dolins accepted me
In their names we should cry out Hooray!

I’ve rode more than some leagues, my tired horse would neigh
Dutiful Edric and lovely Summer care for he
In their names we should cry out Hooray!

I’ve lived many a hard year, my hair has gone to grey
The Jasper family protected you and protected me
In their names we should cry out Hooray!

Recited at the Opening of the Bardic College in April of 288 AC

Ser Darron's Journal 26

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just one short speech
I’ll tell you how I was unfairly separated from my family in the Reach

In South Westeros born and raised
In the tiltyard was where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’, all gallant
And all swingin’ some longsword showin’ my talent
When a couple of jewels that were pretty rare
One night just disappeared into thin air
The Lord needed a scapegoat and I was nearby
He said, “You’re losing your head if we catch you alive!”

They weren’t jokin’ around so ole Darron conceded
Rolled Stealth bonus Sneak and just barely succeeded
Not usually the kind to get scared and turn tail
But I thought “Nah, forget it, yo, horse to The Vale!”
I pulled up to Snownook at the break of daylight
And I yelled to Lord Jasper, “Yo holmes, need a Knight?”
I looked at my kingdom
It would have to do
And I swore on that day to bring my family here too


The Unbeatable Knight

Several more rounds of fights go by before a mystery knight no one recognizes challenges Ser Darron, who he swiftly defeats. The crowd goes wild and cheers Darron’s name, and the mystery knight quickly storms off, clearly a poor sportsman.

As the tournament continues, a fight in the crowds breaks out. The voice of an enraged man rises from the murmurs of the audience, and all look to see a man screaming at a knight with a sigil of white birds on a brown background, from House Shett. He bellows “It is you who are the bastard! How dare you!” and departs before swords start swinging, much to my relief. Eyes shift uncomfortably within the audience, and when no one approaches the knight, I quietly check in on him. He assures me he’s alright-“words can cut deeper than swords, can’t they?”. He introduces himself at Ser Hammett, and not long after, he dons armor to go challenge Ser Darron. I wish him luck on his way out to the platform.

My wishes are no use in the face of his opponent, Ser Darron. Ser Hammett is cut down like all the others

Ser Darron's Journal 25

Any tourney is a big event you know. The crowds of highborn and smallfolk make it just as exhilarating as actual combat. In fact, it’s even better since they make the archers shoot at hay bales and true knights are allowed to duel properly; sword to sword.

This tourney is extra important since the winner will be granted an appeal to Lord Arryn. He’s the Hand of the King with all the powers of Big Rob himself! The hand can grant any wish if the winning knight is worthy. I have a great request of him so must not only win, but win with valor!

What better way to prove myself than challenging Ser Mandon of the Kingsguard. No fighter has yet taken arms against him today. To duel him would draw attention, to defeat him would.… Will… Will!… Wine! Pay attention! I’m teaching here!

Now… to defeat Ser Mandon would be tricky… However, Ole’ Ser Darron knows something the others don’t, or at least don’t realize.

Of course, it’s a gamble. I’ll probably be bleeding all over the maesters before midday, but I believe this old knight has a chance. In a knight’s life, you see, there are times for moderation and times for boldness. I reckon the moment calls for recklessness. Now, fetch me my pants.

Suspicions Grow

I bring the news of the Red Priest robes to Ser Dolins and Lord Theodore. They express internal conflict about the suspicions we all share about the knight, and we agree to keep this new information to ourselves. I suggest a plan to continue spying on the knight through warging under the guise of feeling ill and weary for several weeks, the knight and Lordling agreeing to spread this story throughout the house.

Over the next few weeks, I overhear a tipsy Ser Darron expressing sympathy for the convicted traitor Shaymus at Ye Olde Plain Gosling over ales, as well as speaking with the blacksmith about purchasing a brand new full set of armor! Where would he have gotten the funds for such a purchase? I pass along this information to Teddy and Dolins, and they share they will also keep a close eye on him at the upcoming tournament.

The day of the tournament finally arrives, and it is a whirlwind of festivities! Brave Ser Dolins faces off against Ser Brynden Tully and loses, but Ser Darron, in his shiny new armor, challenges and defeats Ser Mandon Moore!

Suspicions Continued

I return from warging to find a relaxed Darron back at Castle Snownook. He speaks for some time to Teddy, Dolins lets the rider go after some deliberation, and all seems eerily calm. I fall back on our original plan of allowing Ser Darron to say his final goodbyes to Shaymus, and he accepts, stating he would visit that night after a flagon of wine.

I warg into a mouse and hide in Shaymus’ cell and overhear their conversation form the shadows. The conversation is benign, and while Darron does pass a small package over the the prisoner, upon further inspection, it appears to be a small satchel of spiced meats for his final meal in Westeros. I notify Lady Alys and she encourages continued suspicion.

Heeding her words, that night I warg again into my mouse friend and search Ser Darron’s room. The only thing that seems truly out of place is a set of robes worn by Red Priests. I notify Ser Dolins and Lord Theodore right away.