Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Unraveling the spider's web

Dolins and Teddy arrived back at the castle very early in the morning. Calaila and I were awoken and met them in the great hall, where they had an odd, rather injured black clad character with them. I asked the two of them what had transpired and Dolins broke into an excellent song recapping the night of adventure to a great backbeat.

Then we met Roderick, at least that is what he told us his name was. He told us he was a fisherman but Calaila saw through that ruse and charmed him into telling us the truth. He stated that he is a transient fellow with affiliation to no one but those who pay him coin. He stated in his current tasks, he brings the messages Jayne leaves to a rider in Galtown(?). (This wise maester was unsure of how to spell this town)

I went to work diagnosing and healing both Roderick and Teddy. After this, the Lord arrived in the room and we told him of our plans, which he thought was a good course of action. He told us to all go have breakfast but asked Teddy to stay behind. We sat down at a few tables, Dolins keeping me company. Teddy did come back and joined us but after being served, he strangely got up to go get a drink from the kitchen. The rest of us declined his offer of beer as it was 6 in the morning. I am worried he is becoming a lush… I will have to keep watch of that.

After we had eaten, Teddy and I went back to talk to the lord about our newly hatched plan to go to the location where Roderick would meet the rider. The lord suggested we take a sworn sword with us but preferred we took our choice of Maelys or Perin. I had heard of a mute knight with a mysterious background in my studies which I assume could only be Maelys. Perin, I knew that he was from a poor but proud house on Pebble, a small isle near the fingers. Calaila had also told us that Perin had debts back in Galtown, so we all decided we thought the best choice would be Maelys.

We took the rest of the day to pack our belongings and get ready for our trek. I made sure Jayne was comfortable with the ravenry and packed all my belongings on my palfrey, Patches. In the morning, the lord took leave of us and we headed off!

It took us a few days, but we finally made it to our old lands that we had lost in the past. We were taking our time, riding along the beaten path, Dolins singing to us songs of our house history, when we heard horses coming towards us around the bend…

Staying out of the spotlight

Teddy, Dolins, the maester and I approached Lord Ronnel with our discovery of Jayne Stone's double agency, and the plan to send false information to Lord Varys through her, and potentially follow or capture the person picking up Jayne's copied messages. As the conflict in House Jasper increases, I'm concerned that blending into the background may become more and more difficult, as there will be fewer places to hide. Until then, I'm trying desperately not to stand out, and hoping to avoid questions about my background and motivations as long as possible.

Lord Ronnel expressed approval of this plan, and seemed to trust us to carry it out, which is far more faith than I would ever have in a group of people if my house were at stake! Teddy stayed behind to talk to him as we all moved out of the hall, but I'm not sure what they discussed.

I stayed behind that evening while Dolins and Teddy went to the water's edge to follow the Spider's messenger, as surely it is not the place of a mere hand maid to get involved with such trouble…

Along came a spider
and sat down beside her

So Calaila, Teddy, Thadius, and I brought out plan to Lord Ronnel. He seemed keen on us carrying forward with it. So the Maester wrote down a message to make it seem like House Lynderly was weak should our plan fail and the message still end up in the hands of Lord Varys. Teddy and I leave the message in the same location as Jane had, then wait in hiding for the Spider to arrive to collect it. If possible, we were to attempt to follow the spy back to whence he came. Should we not be able to follow him, we were to try to take him captive.

It was a cold winter night while as Teddy and I separated and chose our hiding places. Attempting to blend in more, he chose to forgo his armor and dress in peasant garb. He waited much closer to the rock where we left the message. After quite some time of hiding in the icy darkness, I noticed a figure moving away from the drop point and back towards a boat in the water. My tired old eyes must have missed the boat’s arrival, the figure swimming, and still didn’t see him pick up the message. Oh no! We hadn’t planned for a boat! There would be no way for Teddy and I to follow him. Not wanting to shout to Teddy and possibly give away his location, I quickly sprang into action. I sprinted towards the Spider and throw my net (that I strategically packed ahead of time) in an attempt to entangle the Spider in a web of my own. While normally I would be fairly proficient in such an action, the darkness was hindering my vision. I dug deep into my destiny to try and see through the darkness but the cursed the lousy Septons placed on my life prevented me from seeing any clearer. The net sailed past the Spider and things got ugly. Teddy attacked the spy but missed and then suffered an injury. I stabbed the Spider in his leg, which drew his attention to me. Poor Teddy was having having trouble fighting in the darkness and missed again. Perhaps he and I should spar during some down time. The Spider came at me, but I blocked his attack with my shield, then stabbed him in the same leg, wounding him deeply. The Spider threw down his weapon and surrendered to us. While we were not able to follow him back, we were able to defeat the spy master. Now what should be his fate? Perhaps the young heir would like some revenge for his injury? Maybe Lord Ronnel should decide? No matter what happens next, I have an exciting new story to tell!

Darron Sucks
Maybe Jardon's not so bad...

For weeks I put this motley crew up at my farm. I feed them, I let Ned heal. Ned says he needs to get to White Harbor, but that he needs to rest first. FINE. That is just fine. Jardon is also resting up. But this Darron fellow… He is lazy AF. I ask him to help me fix some fences around the farm as I could use the help and he isn't doing anything, but he flat out refuses. Some people have no gratitude. Luckily for me this Ned fellow is far more understanding. He paid me 30 silver for my hospitality!! While he didn't really heal up much he said his travel was urgent so on we went. We booked a ship and set sail for White Harbor!

A afternoon/night spent with Jayne and the ravens

We decided to head to the hall to speak with Lord Jasper. There, Dolins told the lord our plans of using Jayne as a double agent as well as possibly hiding out to see the spider at the drop off spot. Lord Jasper thought that our plan sounded good and he was fine with us taking the lead. We spoke among ourselves and decided that we would write a false note addressed to Lord Arryn that stated "Our scouts report talks of rebellion in house Lynderlys." I wrote this note up and Jayne delivered this to the rock on the coast. Dolins and Teddy then disappeared for the rest of the day. Calaila carried on with her duties and I took Jayne up to the ravenry to teach her about tending to the ravens.

I Spy with my little eye
The itsy-bitsy-spider

I had been playing my fiddle in my chambers when Lord Ronnel had us all assemble for an announcement. I awaited the news while recounting old stories of gatherings of the past. War may be upon House Jasper. Lord sent some of my friends off on a mission and I trust in their skills to carry out such a task. I will be eager to hear of their adventures when we meet again so I may craft a song of their bravery. On a disturbing note, there may be trouble here at castle Snownook. The maester brought a letter to Lord Ronnel that appeared to be already opened. It seems someone has an interest in the Lord's correspondence. After our Lord retired to his chambers, we proceeded to search for clues that might lead us to the source of this information leak.

I went to the ravenry and noticed that the lock on the door appeared to be out of proper maintence for several years and no longer functioned. Any passerby could have entered the room easily. Soon Thaddeus and Calaila met me and we all searched the inside of the ravenry together. The hand-maid and I noticed an empty wine glass under the writing desk. Subtly tried to notice if there was wine on the breath of anyone in the room, but no of them had a drink of wine for some time. Before moving back downstairs to investigate the kitchen, I mentioned to Thaddeus that he should have the lock fixed.

Calaila enterd the dinning room and as I followed her through the door she was struck by a ham flung from a the irresponsible, troublesome Waters twins. I had to resist the urge to pull a knife and throw it into a piece of fruit mid-air to teach them some manners. After this disruption, we made our way into the Kitchen. The heir Teddy joined us as we came across a young servent girl. Not recognizing her, I asked her name and duties to the House. I did not smell any wine on her breath either, which is good as she is only nine years old. She said she is Jayne a cup bearer. Calaila was able to easily pursuade the young girl to reveal that she had been intercepting messages coming into the ravenry, copying them down, resealing the original, and leaving the copies to be picked up by "The Spider". I know this pest to be the spy master for our enemy, Lord Varys. Unsure of our next course of action, we decided no to punish the young Jayne and devised a plan to have her continue leaving messages for the Spider, only now the message's contents would be of our own deciding. Teddy also suggested we follow the Spider after he retrieves the messages.

House Jasper will never go on to glory if our enemies have inside information about the house. This discovery must be made to work in our advantage and I look forward to someday writing an exciting story about the defeat of Lord Varys and his "Spider" pet.

A Stupid Encounter
Jardon's a Dumbass

I can't believe who I saw riding on the road near my property today, it was Jardon Pyke! Why the master of arms was out on the road was beyond me, but I figured I would see what he was up to. Why not? It must be more interesting than farming. Am I right?!

Of course this was a bad decision… As I following him down the road (out of sight as who knows if I want to get involved) I heard an awful fight taking place. Steel hitting steel. Men screaming. Horses dying. No good could come of walking into that, so I trot Bam down the hill to Jardon to give him warning. He is after all practically a child, I would hate to see him murdered. I let him know there is danger ahead and that he should not proceed….

The damn fool wants to rush ahead as he is trying to find someone on the road! What are the odds that this fight includes that one person?! And if so they are likely dead anyway's so let's stay out of it. Well, I failed to dissuade him and off he galloped to save the day. Against my better judgment I reluctantly follow, maybe I can keep him safe. Maybe I can leverage my help into some coin. It has been a hard time on the farm…

We ride up to a bridge and what a sight; there are 4 dead bodies on the ground and a young man is wielding a bloody great sword! He is surrounding my mountain clansmen though. While he is clearly a warrior the numbers were not in his favor, and both of his men were already dead. I wish I could say "WE" saved the day, but it was mostly Jardon. He was made unbelievable shots with his crossbow, and looked a true master of arms with his sword. I merely took a few shitty shots with my bow, and fell off my horse, but in the end the mountain men were vanquished and met the great sword warrior. Not sure I can leverage that kind of help into much of anything… He was the man Jardon was seeking, and said his name was Ned.

Meet Jayne...

We all started out our adventure in the dining room after the food fight. Teddy had just joined us in the hall and Calaila (being a nosey housemaid), asked the Lordling where he had been. Teddy shared that he had been snooping in the trusty, and most wonderful Maester's rooms but as everyone expected, he had found nothing. The Maester was innocent! The Maester also had excellent hearing and heard all that the lordling and Calaila were whispering about in the corner.

We all carried on to the kitchen where Dolins and Calaila wanted to ask a kitchenmaid about the wine glass found in the ravenry. We started by asking about this new kitchenmaid as none of us had met her before. She told us of her mother who had died a year before at Lord Ronnel's name day. None of us had remembered her mother and I, the Maester, did not remember treating a woman of any injuries around the time of the name day. The conversation was derailed when the kitchenmaid started speaking about "The Spider" and how he was the one who had her copy notes from the ravens and leave them by the coast. Jayne, the kitchenmaid was very distraught and Calaila was able to calm her nerves. It was decided that given her affinity for ravens, she would assist me in the ravenry as the lock has been broken and we need a watchful eye.

Now should we tell Lord Ronnel? And how much should he know? We will carry on next week… In adventures and blunders of the Jasper House!

Meeting Jayne Stone

Dolins, Maester Thaddeus and I made our way to the kitchen, with Teddy pulling up the rear. I quietly asked him where he was before the evening, and he shared aloud that he was rifling through the Maester's room as he was suspicious of his behavior. As we made our way into the ktichen, a young girl, of about 9 years old is standing alone. Dolins introduced himself, and asked her about her position in the house. The little girl, who shared her name is Jayne, reported that she's been working in the kitchen for about a year, and that her mother worked as the house cook for many years, but died suddenly during last year during Lord Ronnel's name day celebration. I remembered that last year, a tragedy occurred where a pot of hot oil fell on a woman in the kitchen at that party, and she died suddenly, and assumed that that must've been Jayne mom. Seeing that Dolins' line of questioning was going nowhere, I stepped in and sat Jayne down gently, reassuring her and asking her to share what she knows about the ravenry. Jayne bursted into tears and shared that out of fear and necessity, she had agreed to help intercept that House's messages, copy them, and give the copies to the Spider, Lord Varys. We found the spy! I encouraged the young girl for coming clean to us, and gave her a big hug. The four of us agreed that mercy should be shown to Jayne, and Dolins suggests that we can utilize her as a double agent to spend fake messages to the enemy. Teddy says he'd like to follow Jayne to the secret spot she brings the messages to and get an eye on the Spider. We all agree to share our discovery of who the spy is with Lord Ronnel, and I'm thrilled to continue to curry favor with the Lord of the House, and hope to squeak into the conversation that it was I who quickly got Jayne to share the truth with us, if the timing is right, to demonstrate my commitment to the Lord's wishes and the good of the house. Maester Thaddeus noticed the quick bond I built with Jayne, and to my horror, suggested that I take her under my wing! I politely confirmed that I'll continue to keep an eye on Jayne and make sure she's fed, but declined the suggestion. I don't need a helpless, lowly bastard child attached to my hip! Thaddeus fortunately agreed to show Jayne the innerworkings of the ravenry, and I breathed a sigh of relief that no one pushed that issue further.

Suspicious Maester

Lord Ronnel called the house to the main hall to share the shocking news that House Jasper's men were being called to the battlefield. Not knowing anything about the customs or ways of wars, I stood in the back observing the reactions in those in the room. Ronnel shared with Dolins, the maester and Teddy that he received a suspicious scroll, through the maester, and asked us to investigate the differing blue waxes, implying that someone opened and resealed the scroll before it made its way into the hands of the Lord. I followed Lady Alys to her horse, and before she left on Ronnel's mission, I asked her of her impression's of the scroll. She mentioned that she thought it was odd that the maester clearly opened this scroll not addresses to him and didn't mention why upon handing it the them, and was also suspicious of the two blue waxes.

I followed Maester Thaddeus to convince him to share with me the contents of the scroll. He initially was uncertain about my reasoning ("for the good of the house" to aid our investigation), which I found increasingly suspicious that he was not as interested in preserving the safety of House Jasper, but relented, and whispered what was on the scroll to me. I got the sense that his ability to share this secret with me strengthened our relationship, even just a little, and I agreed to help him look around the ravenry for any further clues.

On our way there, Dolins the Bard happened upon us, noting the discovery that the lock on the ravenry was not functioning properly. Thaddeus said he knew nothing of this, which surprised me, because it was my understanding that he was the only one who tended to the ravens. We continued to the ravenry together, and searched the loud room together. While Thaddeus was on the other side of the room, grumbling under his breath, Dolins and I simultaneously noticed a tipped wine glass from the kitchen on its side under the writing desk. We shared a silent agreement to keep quiet about this discovery and scurried out, Dolins suggesting to Thaddeus to fix that lock as soon as possible.

Dolins and I made our way to the kitchen, but on our way there, while entering the dining room, I was hit in the shoulder by a piece of ham, slung by Wyman and Willas in a food fight. Wanting to hide my horror, and holding back the urge to lash out in order to maintain my cordial relationship with them, I smiled and laughed along with them. They asked me to join in in their troublemaking, to which I politely declined, and continued to make my way to the kitchen with Dolins.