Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Gull City
Gull Gull City Bitch!

For our first night in Gulltown, we chose to stay at the Winter’s Reprieve Inn. Perin recommended it when we first entered the city, and from the outside it looks like a decent place to stay! The rate isn’t cheap, but a silver for the night gives us all we can eat and drink!

Dolins, unfortunately, went straight to bed because he was feeling like a moldy onion. Calaila and the Maester grabbed a seat in the tavern to be served by James, one of the owners, and I decide to go explore living space upstairs. The guest rooms are unassuming, but there’s a steep flight of stairs that leads to a locked door. After listening for any activity and hearing nothing, I’m pick the lock and enter the room. It appears to be the living quarters for the owners. It is modestly furnished with two beds, a table, and some other pieces. Notably, there is a chest with a mighty lock on it! I am tempted to pick the lock, but my gut tells me I should leave it be. Who knows how long we’ll be in Gulltown, I don’t want to start trouble on our first night.

When I return to the main room downstairs, Sir Perin emerges from a back room and asks if I would like to join in some gambling. I’m interested, so I make my way to the back room. The other owner, Jamie, runs the table. My competition is the lovely Sir Perin, and a local named Edgar. The name of the game is “Going to Gulltown.” Its just a bunch of throwing and counting dice, which was entertaining for a few rounds. I won my first round, but started to slide the next two. I decided to cut my losses and leave the table, when I noticed one of Edgar’s dice behaving oddly. I considered for a moment, then I moved to sit back down.

“Jamie, I changed my mind. Count me in for one more. But this time, let’s rotate the dice between players to keep it honest.”

Edgar pushes his chair back and says, “I think I’m done for the night.” What a bum!

“Perin, by any chance do you owe that guy money?”

“No, my Lord. I don’t owe anyone money.” 

Sure, you don’t… Now that the game has ended, all of us have made our way back to the tavern. There was a bang at front door and solders of the Gulltown city watch stormed into the Inn! They arrested Sir Perin for debts owed to the public, and took him to the dungeons in the castle.

After they leave the inn, Jamie tells us that other knights from house Jasper had the opportunity to fulfill Perin’s debt, but didn’t follow through. Now Sir Perin’s fate is in the hands of Lord Grafton.

The next day we go to the seat of House Grafton to inquire about Sir Perin’s predicament. Lord Gerald Grafton informs the Maester and I that the hearing will be tomorrow, and that James will be testifying on behalf of the business. Later that day, we return to the Inn and meet back up with Calaila, who was hanging around the docks trying to pick up some info. Word on the street is that Jamie, the inn owner, is paying people for information about the Duke. Hmmm… Perhaps we can leverage this situation by sharing what we know about the Duke in return for James urging for the release of Sir Perin at the trial tomorrow.


I walk through the market buying a whole bunch of practical things, but then I stumble upon a woman with a dog and her pups. I've never been much of a dog person, and Gulliver wearily looked out of my pocket, probably wondering what had gotten into me, but I decided I had to have one. Though I left with two. I purchased a few more things and headed back to the inn. We all met in Dolins' room where he was much recovered thankfully. I first hand my good friend a harp! I figure he could practice and spice up his music with this. Then I hand him a bag that is rustling a bit… It's the brother to my puppy! He seems thrilled and hopefully he is! I told him I'll work on training up the puppies and we can have his learn how to dance along with his music! I name mine Gary and he sits in another pocket apart from Gulliver who still isn't so sure I made the best choice.

Teddy and Calaila fill Dolins in on what he missed while ill. Teddy and Dolins decide to head up to the castle to speak to Perin while Calaila and I debate going to the docks. She let us all know that rumors are swirling that people are being asked to provide more information on the Duke but no one knows who he is. If anyone does have information, they are supposed to bring it to Jamie at our inn. As the day wears on, Calaila and I decide to head to the docks in the morning, but as morning comes, I remember I had told Teddy I would attend the trial with him. So Dolins and I trade places and Teddy and I head out after breakfast! 

Note for Maystur
(in game note, 2 artificats left with it in Maester's Chambers)

Deer Maystur Thadeus,

I fund 2 glass vowls in my travuls. Pleas let me kno wut they R. Pleas use disscration if sensativ contents. Will share gold if valubal. 

Finding Terry

Our little group decides to divide and conquer. Dolins and Teddy check in with Ser Perrin the night before (though Dolins returns back far before Lord Teddy, out of breath and looking very shifty). The next morning Maester Thaddeus and Lord Teddy rush out the next morning to get to the trial for Ser Perrin, and Dolins and I come downstairs a bit later. Upon entering the common space at the inn, a woman sees us and quickly diverts her eyes. Jaime lets us know that this woman is TERRY, and Jaime notes that he thinks she is on edge because she's being perused by our guy Rusty over "what she has with her in her room". Overhearing this, Terry jumps up out of her seat and rushes upstairs, and we excuse ourselves to follow her.

There are voices coming from inside Terry's room, and we persuade this woman to open up, which she agrees to do, only if we look from the threshold, and don't enter…

Back to the living world!!
Poor Dolins...

And just like that I'm back!! Back from that horrible illness, though my poor friend Dolins, who was taking care of me, seems to have either caught what I have or something from the cooking here… He is just feeling badly now, I'm sure as symptoms develop we will know more…

We are at the docks in Gulltown, following Rusty's message he sent. Thankfully my friends brought me along! We look for Tess but no one is there. Perin has joined us for this trip but he is around in the city. We agree to go find a place to stay for the night and find Winter's Reprieve, a beautiful inn! I am happy to settle down here! As soon as we walk in and inquire about rooms, Dolins runs off. It must have been the cooking on the boat, poor man. I pay for his room, he has paid for my way too may times to count!

Once we are squared away with rooms, I settle down in the main room with a drink and listen to the chatter around me. I hear that someone has been paying for information on our friend, the Duke (Rusty). After a while, Ser Perin comes into the room, speaks with Teddy and invites him into another room to play cards. They head off and I continue enjoying my drink and the warmth. I do notice the innkeep, James stop in front of the door some time later. He listens, nods, and then goes outside. He comes back in after a while, I see him whisper to someone in another room, and then men burst in… Uh-oh. They are all wearing House Grafton banners on their garb. I see that they head towards Perin and arrest him. Calaila and I join in the room and hear he is being arrested for debts owed to house Grafton.

Teddy then turns to Jamie and we are told that Perin owes 50 dragons. Apparently some knights from our house were supposed to clear the debts for him by taking out the "Falcon's Nest", which is a gambling ring similar to what they have here, but down on the docks. We have a guess as to who the knights are… And it doesn't sound shocking they didn't finish the job. Jamie offers us a second night for free as payment for the inconvenience. After this, I grab food for Gulliver and head to bed.

In the morning, we all head down to breakfast of dried oxen, poached eggs, and a glass of ale. Teddy and I decide to see Lord Grafton to inquire on Perin. Calaila states she will head to the Falcon's Nest to see what she can find.

We make it to the large castle in the heart of the city. We approach the gates but guards block our path. Teddy explains why we are here and we are then lead to the Lord. The room is impressive and Lord Grafton is warm and kind to us. We all make introductions and discuss Perin. Lord Grafton states the trial will be tomorrow morning. He asks if we have any questions and I state no, but that I plan to attend in the morning alongside Teddy.

After this, I head into the town to replenish some of my stores and then head back to the inn!

Ser Darron’s Journal VI

I never would’ve imagined a place so cold, so damp, and with such foul creatures as to make me long for the Fingers. Well now I can say it exists! I’ve seen it! It’s called the North! And how happy Ole Darron is to be leaving!

Don’t even mind that it cost us nearly every dragon in our purses. Better penniless south of the neck than spend one more day with that Cotter Pike cunt and his chaste band! Say, maybe that’s why they’re in such a bad mood? Those ravens could probably use a lay! Ho Ho!

Speaking of which; there was one fair creature in the north at least. A fierce wildling number from beyond the wall! She was kissed by fire and had skin like milk. You’ve never seen such a woman. Yeah, she took a liking to me (if you know what I mean) and talked her way onto our boat. Since when would I turn down an offer like that? We dropped her off eventually and that's fine by me. 

I suppose I should mention the sword from the cave. It’s a good one. Sharp as a razor and light too. Is it valyrian? Hell if I know. Do I look like a smith? I’ll show it to Thaddeus. He’s smart in those ways.

I’ve been thinking on it’s name. Was weighing “Darkness” but now that we’re looking to survive this little adventure that’s sounding a bit too… dark. How about… Lynderly’s Bane?… Farmer’s Menace?… Eye Poker? Ho Ho Ho! Eye Poker!

The Cave of the Dead
We've Made a Terrible Mistake

By the gods we are lucky to be alive. What was meant to be a simple treasure hunt has been anything but… (I did score a good haul though). Jardon and Darron almost starved us to death trying to find "the cave of the dead". Which of course you can tell by the name was a debacle in itself. For the record, we didn't know it's name when we went in. After visiting, I can say this; It is well named…

The search for the sword was interesting, but pales in comparison to what happened after we found it. We found the Valyrian Steel Sword stuck in a wooden door of all places. After a fair bit of cajoling Ser Darron pulled it out. And what a brilliant sword it is! Unfortunately, behind door #1 was a horde of the living dead and a monster unlike anything I have ever seen. (and I have seen the faceless men of Braavos!)

I learned something new that day; how fast I can run. We bolted from the cave as the dead swarmed after us. It was a close one. I was the back of the pack and I swear I could feel the wind from them grabbing at me, but luckily they missed. We made it out of the cave and didn't know what to do. Jardon thought fast and threw is lantern at the opening which stopped the advance. Apparently dead things hate fire. Then through the flames came a horrible sight. An undead in all white with piercing blue eyes. It was faster and stronger than any man I've seen. It gave a horrible shriek and dread washed over me. It was all I could do to move my feet to climb onto Bam. 

We rode fast and sure, but the monster was faster. It massacred our pack horse and it was only that distraction that allowed us to escape. We rode for 3 days and 3 nights before we stopped running. I wouldn't have stopped if not for my body giving out. After such a perilous journey of course the first thing that happens is we run into a snow bear!



An Arrest at Winter's Reprieve

We leave the docks without success of finding Tess, and head to our rendez-vous point, Winters Reprieve Inn. For a silver stag, we each get a room and as much food and drink as we can consume. I settle into a table to nurse an ale, and listen to the conversations of the other patrons. Rumors of someone paying for information on "The Duke" circulate through the bar.

Teddy explores the Inn, and disappears into a back room for quite a bit. When he returns with Perrin, Perrin is immediately arrested by House Grafton for outstanding debts. Teddy subtly questions Jaime about the nature of the debts, and we are ushered into the back room to discuss the troubles further. This is where we all learn that Perrin allegedly sent Darron, Carsen and Jardon clear his debts, and while they were instructed to end a rival bar, the Falcon's Nest, they did not complete the task, and therefore the debts stand.

We retreat back to our rooms, and with the uneasy events of the evening I make it a point to add extra security to the door by wedging a chair in the door.

In the morning, House Jasper gathers for breakfast, and share our accounts of the night before. We decide to split up, Teddy and Maester Thaddeus going to meet with House Grafton, and I exploring the docks for a second day, and see what I can find about this mysterious Falcon's Nest. Here, the rumors about the quest for info on the Duke continue to swirl, but more importantly, that if anyone knows something, the information is to be relayed through our very own Jaime at the Winters Reprieve. Unfortunately, no one here has heard of the The Duke, or had any information to give. But at least now I have a lead on who may have taken something very valuable from Rusty.

What has happened to me???

I awake, with ungodly pressure in my head and as much mucus as one can bear. I struggle to get changed and can't handle the pressure of the chain on my chest. At least I am home, right?

Seven gods. Who dared give me this plague?? At least I have Gulliver to cheer me up. I bar myself in my room until this horrible illness passes… If only I could get the formulation right and take something to help, but alas, my brain is too riddled with illness to figure this out.

What is with this odd stranger?
(2 weeks late)

We are still heading north through the woods. It is around September, if my calculations are right! I have lost track of the time a bit recently…. We are on a small path east of Widow's Ford. As we are walking, we see an old man sitting at the riverbank ahead of us. He waves to us. Dolins says hello and the man tips his hat at us. He asks if we know the way to Harrenhall as he has business there. When no one gives him this answer, he asks the way to the King's Road. Teddy states that he should head west for this.

Dolins then introduces himself and the old man states he has seen a performance of his in the past. Calaila refuses to introduce herself and Teddy states he is in my service. Then, Dolins, Teddy, Calaila and the man get into an argument! The man states he saw Calaila stealing from Dolins along the road. And to my surprise, Teddy and Dolins believe this! They seem to be very angry.

As Calaila has huffed off a bit, I start discussing with the man. I ask if he saw what she took, and he states no. So I question, if he saw it from so far away, how does he know she was stealing, and not just brusing a bug from his bag? He states he cannot tell. I start to question his motives. At this point, he states he must be going and gets up to leave. I see a flash of dangerous anger in Calaila's eyes…. Will she do something crazy?

As we regroup, with the boys angry at Calaila, they start to insist we need to head east. I try to convince them that they are wrong, and we need to head north, but in our conversation, they somehow convince me that they are right. What has gotten to my head? Is this a cold coming on?

So our group splits up. We three head east and Calaila goes on her own way. After 3 days of heading east, we reach teh Saltpans and realize the error of our ways. We stay at an inn for the night and then a week later, finally make it to the Bloody Gate. We see Calaila at the bottom apparently unable to cross! We introduce ourselves to the guards up top and they know Dolins. His fame really is spreading! He sings a song for them and they cheer. The gate opens and we see Ser Brynden Tully, the Blackfish! He states he was the one who knew Dolins and he asks how he and I are as we had last seen him at the double wedding. We recount a few tales to him and introduce him to Teddy.He then lets us know that the mad king is dead, that King's Landing was sacked and that now Robert is king. As we leave him, Teddy recounts that they found some deserters. He states we should keep this to ourselves if we see Lord Aaryon. He also tells us to keep our eyes open for Wildings. With this, we head on our way!