Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Growing Tension on the Fingers

On the first day of the new year, and the day of Jardon and Jayne Oakheart’s wedding, Maester Thaddeus exceeds my expectations for her ability to deceive the wedding attendees and bride. She transforms into a septon, and completes the ceremony seemingly without a hitch. The festivities commence-wine flows, rich foods fill the bellies of all the guests, and Dolins performs happy melodies that raise the spirits of all in attendance, despite the awkward circumstances of the occasion. Ser Wilber departs prior to the bedding ceremony, but the night is all in all a success.

In the coming weeks House Jasper receives an unhappy party of Lynderlys. They claim Carsen’s mine is on their land and demand a high percentage of his profits. In a tense conversation, it comes out that one of the members of the Lynderly party has been spying on Jasper land. Lord Theodore proposes that as punishment for their covert operation and trespassing, that whatever land they may have tried to claim as their own in relationship to the mine will be surrendered to House Jasper. Lord Ronnel agrees with his son’s suggestion, which stirs Yorren Lynderly into a fit of rage. They quickly depart, but Lady Alys warns of her prediction of a violent return. We are tasked with gathering reinforcements, and send Rhaella with a letter calling for an alliance with the Corbrays in hopes of squandering a common enemy (perhaps once and for all), and set sail for the Paps to make our case to the Woodhulls. It is not lost on me that both these houses last left Castle Snownook on less than ideal terms, and I hope our calls do not fall on selectively deaf ears.

A War! and a wedding??!?!? MY WEDDING?!?!?
My seafaring skills can't help me navigate this one

Still awaiting to hear if the Corbrays will declare war on the Lynderlys. I believe our plan was a success but have not as of yet heard word. I write this amid practicing at the range. I have to admit, the added balance from my “eye” is really helping out with my accuracy.

Although it took quite the toll on all of us physically, it was probably a good thing we ran into Lyn of all people. Being such a hot head, he should get pretty up in arms about being attacked by some “Lynderlys”. It should add fan to the fire………. It was just unfortunate that we had to run into that marksman, Arturo. If only I had his abilities as a bowman, I would be unstoppable. Instead, because of not having my eyepatch and piece of tin in my eye I looked worse than Carsen with one……ugh….. Even weeks later this is still bothering me. The eyepatch not being there was throwing me off…..or maybe Carsen did something to make himself look better than me, he is always finding someway to make me look bad……that conniving deviled-tongued mongrel…….wait no……….couldn’t be Carsen, he’s was in it for the same reasons……he’s not the one against me…….or is he….ugh……..what’s wrong with me……

Anyways, that’s only a minnow of a problem compared to the other at hand. Calaila, Teddy, and Maester Thad arrived today from a ship with green sails. They had been off in the Reach and came with stories and news………I am to be married……MARRIED!!!!! There must have some ulterior motive to all of this, those schemers……..always……well…..scheming……….they must be somehow profiting out of all of this, other than making peace with those pansies (fitting for those flower mongers)…….they must have been paid off or have some reason to keep me occupied…….do they know? this must be a ploy to keep me on their side……

for someone reading the journal there is half a page torn out, scribbles seem to go on either side of the torn seams******

….on another page……

A child! A Bastard Child!! Calaila insists there is no other reason for me marrying this Jeyne Oakheart other than this…..nothing other than making peace with the Tyrells. I still find this hard to be hard to believe…….there must be something more. Or maybe there isn’t. who knows. Maybe I make the best of this situation, maybe I’ll play their little game…..she could be something of a salt wife….maybe more….maybe she will understand…….a least the little one inside will grow up in a good house with a decent upbringing……it is the least I could in return for what was paid forward to me by Jaquen…….maybe he did so to me knowing the “old way”…..

If I find out what the real reason is though…….. there’ll be hell to…..wait no, why am I thinking this way…..I know why I killed an evil creature like Rancis….there was no good in a man like that…….but these are my kin, my family……why am I thinking like this…..ahhhh……I wan’t like this before……

A Contentious Proposal

Setting foot onto the dry land of the Fingers, I’m overjoyed to be home safely, with an Oakheart sloop not far behind. It is not long before we solidify our alliance with the Oakhearts, and therefore the Tyrells. As Lord Theodore doles out the news of the wedding in the coming days, I slap Jardon on the back and congratulate him on his upcoming nuptials. A look of shock overcomes him, and I assure him that it is a well suited marriage, and that he should be lucky to be paired with a lovely woman of an old, proud house. For the time being, I leave out her “condition”…

Maester Thad and I meet Lady Jeyne Oakheart and her escort, Ser Wilber Osgrey, at the shore. The knight bristles at us, but I make a connection with sweet Jeyne right away and try to make her feel at home. We show Ser Wilbur to the great hall for refreshment, and hurry to show Jeyne to her quarters and discuss wedding plans. She is seven months along, and there will be no hiding her belly on her wedding day. In an effort to carve the marriage and the alliance into stone swiftly, we plan to wed the courageous Captain Jardon and goodhearted Lady Jeyne on the morrow.

Leaving the bride’s quarter’s, I have the pleasure of bumping into Jardon, who I had planned on finding to speak to about his wife to be. Unfortunately, when he greets me he is irate and babbling paranoid ramblings, accusing Teddy and I of scheming for our own good, rather than the good of house Jasper. I try to assure him that our intentions are honest, that marriage is the surest way to a lasting alliance, and that it is for the best for all of the house including Jardon. He doesn’t give me the chance to discuss the bit of information I DO need to share with him before storming off. Knowing the wedding is scheduled for the very next day, I leave a note on his door, requesting his presence to break fast together the next morning.

Fortunately, Jardon shows up, perhaps a bit more sober, in the morning, and I assure him that the arrangement is in good faith, however, his bride, like him, brings some baggage to the altar. I share that Jeyne is pregnant, but hope that Jardon, of all people, will be able to truly empathize with her circumstances and with the child she brings to the marriage. He is quiet for a moment, and looks down at his boots for a long while before letting out a stern sigh. “Okay, I’ll do it.” I thank him earnestly for his service to House Jasper, and wish him many happy years ahead with his lovely young bride. He shakes his head somberly, and gets up to walk out, but turns back to me one more time to say, “I’m not doing it for House Jasper, I’m not doing it for me…I’m doing it for the kid,” before leaving. I am dumbstruck by the man’s sentiment, and left misty eyed by his soft spot for the child he and Jeyne will raise together. Despite his flaws, I am confident Jardon will care for his family with all the warmth and thoughtfulness he has within him. Now the success of the marriage rests upon the shoulders of Lady Jeyne, and I hope she has as much wisdom as Jardon does when it comes to evaluating her betrothed.

Just as I’m finally starting to relax after my tense and emotional conversation with the Captain, Maester Thad rushes in to despair that the septon we sent for refused our call, and we have no one to perform the ceremony this evening. This wedding was complicated enough, we didn’t need any additional surprises! After some discussion, the maester assures me that they are capable to disguising themselves as a septon and performing the ceremony without Jeyne ever knowing the difference. It is a risky plan, especially with all that is depending on a successful ceremony, but I trust that the maester knows their own abilities well enough to get the wedding done without a hitch.

Face Lift
Feeling Younger

Our first step in the linderly revenge plot was a success. We attacked their raiding party and killed all but the craven Thom. With their men slain, and Linderly clothing, we can now attack the Corbrays and let the Linderlys face the consequences. To ensure that we blend in and that I do not get noticed I even borrowed a face from one of the slain archers. Things could not have gone much better! Now how I profit from this?

Revisiting the Past
Another run in with The Duke

Teddy and I argue about whether or not to follow through with our meeting with the Duke, but we’re cut short by Rusty meeting us at the gate, insisting we follow him inside, and that he was expecting our arrival. Teddy heartily accepts his invitation, and I try to hide my reluctance. I am certain this is a recipe for disaster, and fear we will not make it out of his manse alive.

As we follow him upstairs, I take a moment to take in our surroundings, and notice a long hallway of quiet closed doors, and what appears to be a trap door on the other end. We are ushered into a lavish sitting room, where we find Tess and Virgil waiting for us. Following re-introductions, we make our business known. “We come bearing a warning in hopes it will help you to stay safe. It seems Terry has exacted her revenge against Ser Perrin for delivering Danny back to you, and we have reason to believe she may be on her way to you to do the same, and to take back your son. We ask that if the opportunity arise, and if you see it fit, that if Terry should fall upon her return, that you send us her head. As you’ve seen, we believe a son belongs with his father, and Perrin’s father will not have that chance again. He has tasked us with avenging his son’s murder.” The Duke sighs heavily, thanks us for the warning, but reports that he does not think he will be able to fulfill this request, and that Terry’s return may be his demise. We wish him safety, and take our leave.

Tess escorts us to the front gate, and as we near the exit, I hear a faint “help!” coming from behind us. I put the heart chilling plea out of my mind, and shuffle outside, just grateful for my safety, and remain focused on my self preservation. As we turn to leave, Tess lets us know they may have a lucrative “errand” for us in the future, to which I nod and curtsy, and scurry away.

Upon our return to the market, we have the pleasure of bumping into a quizzical Dolins with a lavish dress in hand. We return to a comfortable inn, and after our stressful visit to Rusty, I lie down to rest. When I wake, I am certain I must still be dreaming, as Thaddeus is in a dress and proclaims he is, in fact, a woman, and is rambling about murdering a necromancer. I rub my eyes, and wiping the sleep away remind our group that we have matters to attend to at Castle Snownook.

4/9: The past coming back to haunt me

I continue treating the man, Harlan. Calaila asks him why he fits the description and he states he does not know the men. He states he doesn’t think they are looking for him. She then gets angry and storms out, stating if he isn’t honest, then we can’t help him. I stay back with him and ask if he isn’t Remus, what is he doing here? He explains he is on his way to see his brother and they are both cobblers. I really trust what he is saying.

I suggest we stick around for a bit while I work on healing him. We agree and hunker down. Just then, we hear shouts from downstairs… Then a torch comes through the window near Dolins! Quick thinking Dolins grabs it. I help Harlan up and we walk to the hall. Teddy and Dolins alert people of the fire.

All of the sudden, Calaila sneak attacks Godry from behind! She stabs him right in the neck! What the heck happened to this woman?? She then tells Jasen to drop his weapons. He panics and runs downstairs. My friends chase him down and I see Dolins throw the lit torch at him and it hits him with the fire end! He takes another step or two and realizes he is on fire. He drops to the ground and then Dolins douses him with water and jumps on him.

I hear from outside that Jasen is indeed Remus as my friends lead him out. The riders come together to get him. Teddy asks where the duke is nowadays and he states he is in Lannisport in the Mance in the central market. He states he will let him know we are coming.

The next day we reach Lannisport. Harlan leads us to his brother’s shop and we are greeted with joy! Thank goodness we saved him! His brother gives me a gold dragon and he offers us all some boots.

We then head up to Casterly Rock to return the banner my friends found in Valyria. We are brought through the stunning castle and into the hall. Tyrion Lannister meets us in the hall. Teddy and Calaila are chatting up to Tyrion. They are hoping returning the banner will help our house relationships. He inspects the banner and states it is very old. Teddy explains how they got it and Tyrion believes it must have belonged to King Tommen Lannister centuries ago. He asks if they saw his family’s sword, Bright Roar, but Teddy states they did not see it. Calaila asks for more history and they chat. Dolins then sings a song praising his skills and we are then escorted out. Calaila takes a long detour to use the bathroom and we then finally head to see the Duke!

We find Virgil’s horse tied outside of the Manse. As we approach, I look up to the second story window and stop in my tracks. I see Qyburn looking down at me! I turn to Dolins and say I cannot go in. I turn around and he comes with me, heading down the road towards the crowd.

4/2: A sick man, is he guilty?
Ye of little faith

As we hear the voice yelling from outside, I hide a bit behind Dolins. A soldier at the door looks out and after a few seconds, he falls back, obviously dead! Another man barracades the door and we hear “Remus, we know you are in there, we can wait.”

At this, I decide to start looking into rooms for this Remus. What I am going to do, I have no idea. I sneak up to one window and see a man on a dark horse. I crawl back out of the room and head back down to my friends. Teddy and Dolins and I decide to investigate upstairs. We see a man named Jasen in the hall. We quickly look in his room and see another man in heavily clad armor. He seems very on edge. His name is Godfrey.

In another room is a man named Ned who yells that he wants to be left alone. Another man sounding very sick is in the next room. Next is an empty room, then a room with a woman who has barricaded the door. In another empty room, Dolins looks out the window and yells to a man on the horse. He asks what Remus looks like and the man states he does not know but Virgil, the man up front knows.

The next room is locked and Dolins picks the lock. In there, Teddy finds a partial set of armor and proceeds to snatch it. In another room, Dolins finds some Greycap and kindly gives it to me. We then head downstairs where Teddy is yelled at for having stolen a man’s armor. After some silly fighting, he gives it back.

Calaila yells to the man outside and asks who Remus is so we can help He says he owes a debt. He describes him as blonde with blue eyes. There is no one with that appearance in the room and Calaila tells the man this and asks what he would have us do? He yells that he would have us do nothing.

Teddy then orders himself and myself two ales and we go behind the bar to look for a man fitting the description. We see a man back there take the back door, and he is quickly downed as soon as he exits…

Calaila then gets the keys from the inn keep and we head back upstairs. We get into Ned’s room and find nothing. Next is the coughing man. He fits the description…. I offer him my help as he is has an obvious case of consumption. In the hall, we discuss what to do. I suggest we see what his side of the story is and I will treat him.

False Flag
Operation Stag Stalk

And so, war was ruled out as too foolish and risky. We did not have the troops or support of other houses to achieve our goals through pure military means. So, we decided to take a different approach to revenge on the Linderlys They cannot be allowed to steal my mine, nor house jaspers animals. So, we shall kill the Linderly poachers, steal their garb, and attack the Corbray’s livestock and troops to win them to our side. With the might of Coldwater burn on our side the craven Linderlys don’t stand a chance.

A Handmaid of Many Talents

As the maester begins to work on healing the blonde hair blue eyed man, I ask him about his identity, keeping a close eye on the dagger he has hidden on his nightstand. He insists his name is Harlon, not Remus, and that he has no idea who the men outside are. I roll my eyes-we’ve journeyed a long ways and I have no patience for this matter. Teddy and I leave the room and while looking for a quiet room to sleep and escape the night’s excitement, see a man poke out of a door, and nervously slam it behind him. In the moment that it took me to register the nervous man’s blue eyes and blonde eyebrows, flame erupts outside the window, and shouts rise from the first floor.

Teddy and I shoot one another a look, and I signal to Dolins that the man we’re truly looking for is in that door. Teddy has the bright idea of drawing the other residents out by screaming fire and banging on the doors. His plan works, and the man I presume to be Remus returns to his threshold. I encourage him to get out of the burning building, and he calls behind him to a man named Godfrey to follow him to the exit. The moment Godfrey turns his back to me to head down the stairs, I plunge my sword through the back of his neck, and swell with satisfaction at the sound of this man’s death. Remus looks at me in shock as his hired protection gurgles at my feet, “Drop your weapon,” I urge him. Unfortunately, he flees, and Dolins and I chase after him. As we reach the stairs, Dolins hurls a lit torch at the man, who drops to his knees as his clothes catch fire. We apprehend him and deliver him to the men surrounding the bar in return for assurance of a safe exit from the scene. Before we leave, we learn that the men we’ve assisted are associated with the Duke, and my blood chills thinking of the man we lied to to appease Dolins’ kind heart.

The next day we arrive in Lannisport, and after a brief bit of exploring the city, request an audience with House Lannister. Tyrion the Imp, the notorious dwarf son of Tywin Lannister greets us cheerily, but alone, and it is clear that this is the equivalence of a scoff to our request. Nonetheless, if I’ve learned anything in my short life, it is that power does not always come from where we expect it, and I return his introduction with a deep curtsy. “Lord Lannister, tales of your house’s prowess and wisdom ring throughout the seven kingdoms, and our home in the Fingers is no exception. We are returning this artifact, a symbol of House Lannister’s long history of bravery, to its rightful home, and hope this can be an opportunity to begin a long friendship between our two houses.” I hand him the banner we found in Valyria, and Teddy shares how it came to be in our possession. He seems genuinely surprised and touched by our commitment to restoring this piece of history to his family, and offers his hospitality to us for the afternoon. Dolins performs a delightful song, and we discuss history, music, literature and travel over goblets of Arbour gold. I think to myself how far I’ve come since Flea Bottom, and wonder if I would’ve believed I’d ever experience such a thing if a grand wizard himself had come and told me my future when I was a girl. If I can come this far, I can go much further…

After some time, and some wine, Tyrion excuses himself, and a guard begins to escort us from the castle. Not wanting this precious opportunity to pass me by, I create a diversion, and begin to explore the doors near the facilities. The gods smile upon me, and I open the door to a cursing and visibly distressed handmaiden clutching a ripped gown. I reassure the girl, and begin sewing the rip she created while asking her about herself. The girl,m who introduces herself as Tanda, admits that she’s always wanted to go to Dorne, and longs for the sunshine. She mentions she’s never had so much as gold dragon in her lifetime, and I happily pay her for her discretion for the proposition I am about to make to her. She agrees to a payment of 1 silver stag for every whisper she feels appropriate to send to me at House Jasper, whether it be about the Lannisters, or their visitors, or correspondence about other houses that she may come across. She eagerly agrees, and I bid her farewell by sharing that I’m looking forward to working with her, and eventually getting her to Dorne someday. When I eventually make it there myself, I will ask if they have a handmaiden position I can acquire for Tanda on her behalf so she can live out the rest of her days in the bright Dornish sun.

3/26: Mining for Gold! Well, silver really.
Teddy making his fortune!

After we leave Lady Arwyn’s house, we head on the sea road north. We first come across a traffic jam of sorts! There are two wagons stopped in the road talking to soldiers. Calaila asks what is going on and we find out that the Crakehall’s are taking toll. Dolins pays for the wagons as we jumped the line and we move on. We reach Crakehall itself shortly after and decide to spend the night. We meet with Lord Roland and he apologizes for the toll. He states that their silver mine has dried up and they are in great need of money. He needs to sink a new mine. Teddy asks if the Lannisters have helped them sink a new mine but he states he wants this kept a secret as he knows Lord Tywin would look down on his house if they had not enough money to sink the new mine.

Teddy then asks how much it costs to sink the mine and how much it produces. He states at the peak, the old mine was producing 400 dragons worth of silver a month. After this, we go back to our rooms to sleep.

The next morning, Lord Roland comes out to say goodbye. I jump in and offer to chip in up to 1/3. Teddy asks for 50 gold dragons a month once it is up a running. They go back and forth and agree on Teddy getting triple his investment back in one year. Seems cheap to me…

We continue on to Lannisport. On our way, we pass an inn that seems to be hosting a party. We make our way inside. A man has decided to buy rounds for the whole tavern for the evening. I settle in and listen to the crowd around. Most is idle chatter but I do hear one woman say, “Heart him say to thank The Duke for the drinks”.

Right after this, we hear a shout from the front door of the inn. They shout, “Remus, we are here for you…..”