Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A Time for Healing...and Drinking

Upon arrival at the Paps, Lordling Theodore gives me leave to stay aboard the Rambis and focus on my healing. Knowing that my open wounds likely would not support their cause, and may distract from the mission on land probably didn’t hurt either. As the rest of House Jasper boards the dinghy to go to land to appeal to the Eleshams and the Woodhulls, Maester Thaddeus skillfully mends my surface injuries, but warns that the internal wounds will take longer. Guided by our knowledge that alcohol both eases pain like milk of the poppy, and can clean wounds and prevent them from festering, Jardon and I set out to do a little healing of our own, and put a formidable dent in the ship’s wine stores. With every sip, I feel more confident that Ser Dolins will welcome only allies into our fold, that Lord Teddy will make only wise choices, and that Carsen will keep a cool head, all with a magnitude equal to the precision and expertise that Ser Darron demonstrated in steering us to the island.

Narrowly Escaping Death at Sea

Barely breathing, but grateful to be alive, I discern that Jardon and Carsen have been pulled overboard by the kraken. Seeing that our two strongest men are on one rope, I race to the other side of the ship where Theodore and Thad are pulling. I put on all my weight on the ropes, but I’ve been badly injured and my efforts are lost. I scream to the others to pull our captain back on board and my words seem to be carried away in the sea wind. All appears lost…then Carsen is hauled on board! Dolins sprints across the boat and leaps into the water near Jardon, and Darron jumps onto our rope. Carsen shoots into the water from the rail, and we heave with all our might. I feel so weak, and overwhelmed with hopelessness, I fall back onto the deck and black out.

When I come to, the whole crew, including Jardon, is miraculously on the deck of the Rambis (though sadly it becomes apparent the the maester’s dog, Georgie, did not survive that attack). Relief washes over us all, and Ser Darron commends Dolins for his bravery. “I didn’t think about it, I just jumped in! My only regret is that I couldn’t save Georgie!” the bard earnestly replies. At this, Darron asks Dolins to take a knee, and knights him for his repeated acts of bravery, in addition to this final act of heroism. We cheer and relish in this joyous moment despite the death and destruction that has clouded our journey. I stumble back down below deck and pray for the healing abilities of the maester.

Ser Darron’s Journal XIII

The Reach then, the Fingers now. Two different lives to be sure. Down there I was a tournament knight, fought in the Ninepenny Kings war, had a family too. I’d think that’s enough action for two lifetimes! But ever since getting to these damned northern fells it’s been one mess after another. The clansmen, the barghast, Rancis, Ogden, the Trident, the slavers, northern treachery, and eastern dragons. Even Barristan the Bold should have seen himself killed 4 or 5 times after it all! But here I am still kicking like a Dornish ass!

Have I fallen into the grace of the Seven? Does the Father guide my step? Or is it something more?

Old Naan used to tell tales of Garth the Green and other heroes. Legends who lived for hundreds of years and did great deeds. Used to think that was all a folly, but lately I’ve been thinking different. It could be th….


Fuck! Here I am getting distracted again. A hero? Ho! Darron, you’re just a grey old knight who daydreams too much and can’t keep his legs under him in a swell. Got lucky a time or two, but just as killable as any man with more guts than agility.

Well, no sense getting up. Lets see if the ol’ hero of Snownook can put another arrow in this sea creature before it pulls Jardon over. He doesn’t look to be putting up much of a fight. Maybe this gal is one of his salt wives he’s always going on about! Ho Ho!

Letters to the Corbrays

Before departing for the Paps, Teddy and Calaila scribe the following letters for Raella to carry to House Corbray. The first is the true message to be delivered. The second is a decoy for Raella to hand over if she is intercepted by the Lynderlys.

Dear Lord Lyonel Corbray,

I hope this message finds you well. I understand that we share a common enemy in House Lynderly. It is my hope that we can come together as friends to bring lasting peace to our small slice of the Seven Kingdoms. History has shown that when Houses Jasper and Corbray align, victory is assured. We cordially invite you and your forces to Castle Snownook to prepare a plan for peace.

Lord Ronnel Jasper and his Heir, Theodore Jasper

Dear Lyn Corbray,

House Jasper is filled with regret about the way our last meeting ended at the tournament. Please accept our most sincere apology. We look forward to the time when we can meet again in person.

Theodore Jasper

What's Kraken???

On our way to the Paps, I’m lounging in the Lord’s quarters when I hear some commotion coming from the main deck. I grab my sword and run out to the deck to see multiple large tentacles surrounding our ship! Before I know it, one of the tentacles has reached over the starboard hull and grabbed me! I heard Jardon yell from above “Lord Teddy, don’t make any sudden movements! The monster doesn’t like that!” Then he shoots his crossbow to free up Ser Darron, who is also wrapped by a huge tentacle.

What?!?! Am I not the most important person on this ship? Why is Jardon not saving me? If I survive, this will not be forgotten… AHA! Dolins struck the tentacle with a knife from across the ship! My number one bard! OOF… oh shit I’m being dragged towards the edge of the boat! I have a sword in my hand, but I must be careful not to cut myself! No luck! Maybe I can roll around and twist free…. Yes! Freedom!

I look up to see how everyone else is doing and I see Calaila charging at me with a stool and lantern! I haven’t seen those wild eyes of hers before! Praise the Seven! She smashes the lit lantern on the tentacle, forcing it back into the sea! How cool!

Something smells like its burning. There’s lamp oil everywhere! Thankfully, not on me. Fire seemed to work on that tentacle, perhaps I can light my sword on fire with burning oil… YES! FLAMING SWORD!

Another big, orange arm grabs Calaila. I have a clear shot and swing my flaming sword on the meaty appendage!

The tentacle pulls away, but comes right back and latches on to her again. I hear Jardon yell and I look to see a tentacle dragging him toward the edge of the ship. I run up the stairs, flaming sword in hand, and swing at the devilish arm! And I miss! But it was a flashy miss, as my sword is on fire.

Jardon is pulled over the edge! There’s a rope at my feet and I drop one end of it over to him. I tie the other end to the steering column to make sure we don’t lose our captain. I take another quick look around – I see Dolins pulling a rope, someone else must be overboard. I see another tentacle pulling one of the Maester’s dogs towards the edge of the boat. It seems to me our captain has the most urgent need, so I head back to the edge and start pulling. I’m definitely not strong enough to pull him up!

Attack of the Kraken

House Jasper sets sail for the Paps aboard the Rambis to call the Woodhulls to arms against the Lynderlys. I use what I assume will be long, uneventful days to practice my calligraphy below deck, though, the quiet hours at sea do not last long. From my makeshift office, I hear some jostling through the hull. From the deck above, sounds of alarm are raising, so I grab my stiletto and move quickly towards the stairs. Could it be pirates? Is there any way the Lynderlys could be meeting us at sea? I grab a stool and lantern on my way up for something to throw at what I hope is a wooden ship below, but upon my arrival to the top deck I see that these will be useless tools. Our enemy is a mysterious set of enormous tentacles, and they are surrounding the ship.

The Rambis rocks violently in the waves, and seeing Lord Teddy being dragged to the rail, I hurl myself across the deck with the lit lantern, sliding into the beast to smash the flame against its’ tentacle. The monster spasms against the fire and slides back into the water, letting go of a now oil-soaked lordling. It is not a moment later when I feel a wet rope snake around my ankles. I begin to panic, envisioning a lonely and watery grave, but my nightmare is interrupted by courageous Theodore wielding a flaming sword, stabbing the kraken attacking me. I wriggle free as rain starts to pelt the seas around us and the weathers puts out the fire my lamp had started, but as soon as I draw my weapon, it reaches back out and I am entangled again. The kraken’s tentacle squeezes and it feels like my ribs are cracking. It is all I can do to escape its grip a second time, and the effort takes everything out of me. It curls around the waist of the Maester’s dog, which goes into a state of shock, and I plunge my stiletto into the monster’s flesh. It recoils, pulling the pup closer to the rail. I frantically look around at what’s been taking place around me while fighting a single tentacle. Theodore and Dolins are pulling on separate ropes with all their might on opposite ends of the ship, Darron appears unable to stand up, and Carsen and Jardon are…no where to be seen.

From a wedding to a tentacle??

When we arrive back home, I quickly hand Teddy the invitations I had been working on during our sea voyage. Teddy hands them out, much to the boy’s surprise! Jardon seems unsure. Calaila and I wait back for Jeyne who is super duper pregnant… Whelp, my plan of hiding her little bump has disappeared. She does seem excited though! We meet her uncle who wants this wedding to happen ASAP and we get to work!

We end up sending Raella out to get a septon for the next day’s festivities. Jeyne seems disappointed by the quality of her chambers. Later that day, a white raven arrives for me… Summer has now ended and it is Autumn. In the morning, Raella knocks on my door and lets me know the septon will not come. I race to find Calaila and we agree I should disguise as the septon to get these lovebirds hitched!

At the wedding, I believe I perform my duties expertly. I ask Jardon for the customary fee for the wedding and he rejects me. Darn it. Thought I could get a little something for the risk of dressing like this religious fool! On the way out, Lord Ronnel calls me over. He has recognized my voice. He asks if Jardon knows and I say I don’t believe so. He says to keep it that way and I go back to change.

When I arrive back, Dolins sings a lovely song for the couple. I sit and chat with him after and he expresses fear that I was dressed as a septon. He lets me know that he lost his wife during childbirth that a septon attended and since then he has been really afraid of religious folks. I am glad he has shared this with me. I have noticed his fear but he has never told me before!

The next day, I decide to decipher the rhunes on my shield I’ve been carrying around! It is in the old tongue of the first men and states “By the grace of the Gods this shield will protect the Bronze Kings from the night and from the children until the end of time”. This seems to be from House Royce back when they were kings. The Children must be the Children of the Forest and the night may be either the long night or something else? I am not positive.

Darron comes to see me and has a snake head. He states that it is a flightless dragon and was curious if I could tell him about it. I inform him that it is for sure a snake and that I have no use for it but that he may be able to sell it to the alchemist guild in King’s Landing.

Teddy then comes to me and asks if I am willing to join in on the investment as I had expressed interest. I agree and I give him 50 dragons.

It is February in the year 286. A delegation from House Lynderly has arrived and we are all gathered to listen. Lord Ronnel hands the floor to Lord Lynderly who states that there is a grievance with House Thorne. He states that he is looking for 75% share in Carsen’s tin mine. The argument goes back and forth but finally Lord Ronnel states that the Lynderly need to give up their lands to Carsen’s mine. The Lynderly storm our.

Lady Elyse firmly states that we have not heard the end of this. She states that we need us to sail for Woodhall to gather up support as she believes we are to be attacked. Carson also suggests the Corbrey’s to help us and she agrees. We pack up and head out.

On the boat, we have all been relaxing and taking time for ourselves when I hear a shout from above deck… What now. I had just gotten to a great chapter in my book! I sigh and put the book down.

All of That Work for Nothing
Letting it slip

After a week’s long expedition to frame the Linderlys in the eyes of the Corbrays we are not even going to ask them for help… This is ridiculous. We had Lyn Corbray at the edge of his life and could have stolen his Valyrian Steel sword. All under the guise of Linderlys. We left him tied up and bloodied to be found by his own, there is no way they would have passed on an opportunity to get revenge. So now we travel to the Paps. I cannot recall how things went during our last stay there, but we have left behind a wake of enemies that has me concerned. What could possibly go wrong?

Its been an exciting month
So many things happened!

A mere hour before the wedding is scheduled to begin, Calaila finds me in a hallway to deliver somewhat distressing news. The Septon from Snakewood is not coming to officiate the wedding. Our maester, Thad, will be impersonating a Septon and Calaila wants me to be aware of the ruse. She claims the disguise is very good so I approve. BUT! If this goes poorly, I had nothing to do with it.

The wedding begins as Jayne enters the great hall wearing a blue and green cloak in the colors of House Oakheart. Ser Wilber removes her cloak as she approaches the front of the hall. The Maester appears to make a convincing Septon. Aside from the glaring lack of references to the Seven, the service proceeds smoothly without issue! They are married!

Dolins performs a catchy tune to get the party going. The reception is quite fun, and caps off with the bedding ceremony at the end of the night.

A few days after the wedding, I catch up with the Maester to ask if he’d… I mean she’d… ugh whatever. I’m still calling him a him… If HE’D like to get in on the silver mine investment. It’s been quite hectic since our return to Snownook and I recall he was interested in the investment. Also, the more people who have a stake in this, the easier it will be to convince them to return to House Crakehall. He agrees to chip in 50 gold dragons, to be returned 150 gold dragons when we receive payment.

A month or so later, a party from House Linderly arrives at Castle Snownook. As the Heir of House Jaspner, I am called to meet with the party. After hearing from Ser Darron about the pending war, this could be a very serious conversation. Because of this, I’m surprised to see Dolins, Darron and Jardon in the room.

Yoren Lynderly is here to resolve an issue with House Thorne. Carson is claiming full ownership of a tin mine that is supposedly on Lynderly lands. Yoren wants 70% share in the profits of the mine. Jana Lynderly claims to have snuck into the mine and mapped it, proving the mine extends into Lynderly territory. This isn’t what I expected, but this could probably start a war, too.

You know what? I don’t have to convince that chump Yoren of anything. I just need to persuade my father to mediate in our favor! Using my most stately and confident expression, I persuade Lord Ronnel to grant all land above the mine to House Jasper as punishment to House Lynderly for their admitted acts of espionage and subterfuge. Ha! Take that Lynderlys!

After the Lynderly party angrily departs, my dear mother Lady Alys speaks up that she fears Yoren Lynderly will return will an army. She suggests that we sail to Woodhull to make peace between them and House Elisham. We cannot expect the Pryors to support us, since we haven’t brought Perin’s killer to justice. I’m holding out hope that Rusty will pull through and send us Terry’s head.

We formulate our plan to sail to the Paps to court the Woodhulls and the Elishams. Its not so much a courting as will be a peacemaking mission to settle their feud and bring all their martial force to defend Snownook.

At the same time we are sending Raella by land to House Corbray at Heart’s Home with a letter to asking them for support. At the tournament we hosted, the Corbrays were disrespectful guests and they didn’t leave on the best terms. I’ll have to write the letter to make it clear we aren’t desperate for their help. That certainly wouldn’t be a good look for House Jasper. Also I suspect Raella will be intercepted. It is best that I arm her with a false letter in case the Lynderlys search her.

Ser Darron's Journal XII

An ill-advised speech for Jardon’s wedding:

I’ve known Jardon well for 5 years now and have considered us friends for the past several weeks. Together, we’ve ranged through the seven kingdoms and across the narrow sea. Side by side slain hundreds of foes with great skill. I’ve watched him dispatch men who are crying on their knees and pick dragons out of the sky like seagulls.

But that is neither here nor there. What is here is the Oakheart lady. Jeyne. (Whispering to Carson: Jeyne, right?)…. Jardon has truly had a twinkle in his eyes since meeting her – especially the tin one. She, in turn, has really brought out the best in our Jardon. Or at least has the potential to. There are definitely some things in there that are ready to come out. But umm… what a great ceremony. We even found a septon! How lucky is that? I mean without a septon, it’s not a marriage.

Anyway… May the two of you have a long happy fruitful marriage. May the Mother bless you with many children. And the warrior with many victories. Please raise your tankards to celebrate this new union.