Council of Justice

Founded July of 287 AC by Ronnel Jasper

Ronnel appointed Gregoriy Al-Tem ‘Beacon of Light’ with authority over matters of justice and spirit. Gregoriy chose continue the Norvoshi tradition of honoring the number three and recruited Summer and Brock

Council of Justice

Gregoriy Al-TemJusticiarian

Record of Judgments

July 287 AC – Stefany accused of spreading the pox.
Outcome – Guity. Punishment – Tattooing of pox marks by Nail

August 287 AC – Man accused of falsely reclaiming a debt from Slim.
Outcome – Deferred. Punishment – none. Gregoriy would hold the money temporarily and pay it out later.

September 287 AC – Heather accused of knowingly selling spoiled meat by Pavel.
Outcome – No evidence of wrongdoing was found.

October 287 AC – Ser Shaymus – found guilty of treason and aiding thieves by way of trial-by-combat.
Outcome – Shaymus was exiled to Essos until he returned the stolen dragon eggs.

June 288 AC – Ser Carsen Thorne – found guilty of the murder of Calaila, which occurred in 286 AC. Before the sentence (execution) was carried out he demanded trial-by-combat.
Outcome – found innocent by way of trial-by-combat; he was victorious in an ambush by four members of the Darkwash.

Council of Justice

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