House Thorne

Already a land-owning farmer, Carsen saw his station improve in September of 282 AC when Ser Darron saw fit to knight him. By default, more than intent, the knightly vows rose Carsen to the landed knight status. Days later Carsen swore fealty to House Jasper and Lord Ronnel thereby solidifying the relationships between the houses as banner house/liege lord. The day was not all smiles and sunshine, as word reached Carsen that his farm had been burned and his son Deston reported dead in the ashes.

House Thorne is not an unfamiliar name in Westeros. There is a House Thorne in the Crownlands of which Carsen claims to be a distant cousin. For the sigil of the new House Throne the  'Gules, a flail argent within an bordure rayonne sable' of the mainline was given the sky-blue and white colors of House Arryn.  Their words are taken from a lyric of the bard Bret of Poison and read: "Every Rose Has Its Thorne". Work has begun on a small castle in the hill country southwest of Snownook; it is thought to be finished by February of 291 AC. A mineshaft is also being dug even further to the southwest.

Living Members At The End Of The Third Century

Carsen – The Founder & Knight Of Thornes

Olira – His Wife

Reina - Eldest Daughter

Clair – Youngest Daughter

Zane – Youngest Son


Viktor Al-Tem – Captain of the Joyful Few Sellsword Company

Tito Alfah – Scout & Officer of the Joyful Few Sellsword Company

Deceased Family Members

Deston – Carsen & Olira's Eldest Son

Titles & Stylings of the Head of House

Knight of Thornes

House Thorne

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