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The founding of House Jasper came as Theobald, an Andal general, lead the first wave of Andals across the Narrow Sea and landed in The Fingers. The region was occupied by Iron Born under the command of a “Salt King”. After securing a foothold in The Fingers Theobald was content to let the rest of the Andal forces push inland as he held the lands won in his first and only battle. His peers regarded him as craven for not seeking more land and glory.

In 123 AC the Iron fleet landed at the Fingers, and across The Vale Of Arryn at large, to reave. Lead by Dalton Greyjoy, “The Red Kraken”, the Ironborn sought food, riches, and women after voyaging as far as Ghis. Throughout the Vale, with the exception of the Fingers, they were repelled quickly by the Knights Of The Vale commanded by Ser Willas Arryn and Lord Larys Grafton. The Ironmen gained and held a foothold in the Fingers because Lord Jasper, under advice from his Master-At-Arms, concentrated his troops with Snownook’s fortifications. This protected the noble family and the lands in proximity. But this also left the remaining population, spread across the house’s moderate-sized lands, vulnerable to the raiders.

The Snownook Master-At-Arms is suspected of taking bribes from the Iron Islanders during the invasion. Jaquen Jasper, or “The Jape Of Jasper” as he is commonly known, was a cousin of the lord and enjoyed a great amount of (misplaced trust). The alleged gold bought inaction from the “The Jape”; he did not deploy troops to fight them despite all conventional military strategy suggesting that this course would lead to death, despair, and destruction. After hearing petitioners from the smallfolk living in House Jasper’s westernmost lands Lord Lynderly acted. His cavalry repelled the reavers and forced them into the surf, some were even able to swim back to their vessels. As a reward for his valor Lord Arryn granted the Lynderlys a large tract of Jasper land. He is quoted as having said: “If Lord Jasper cannot protect his own lands perhaps he ought not have so much.”

In 222 AC Illyn Jasper wed Wylla Manderly. She brought with her a contingent of personal guards (that has since been absorbed into the Jasper military) as well as a sizeable dowry owing to House Manderly’s wealth. The maid of such a wealthy house was betrothed to House Jasper after rumors of matricide surfaced when her first husband, a Bolton, died not long after they were wed.

Living Members

Ronnell – The current lord

Alys – The lady of the house, originally of House Darklyn

Theodore – The heir of House Jasper. Teddy married Jana Lynderly in December of 286 AC.

Joanna – The daughter of Theodore and Jana, born in 287 AC.

Notable Deceased Members

Household Retainers & Servants

Master-At-Arms – Ser Darron

Maester – Thaddeus

Beacon-Of-Light – Gregoriy Al-Tem

Sworn Swords – Ser Denys, Ser Maelys, Ser Cedric, Ser Walder Rivers, Ser Walder Rivers

Bard – Ser Dolins

Messengers – Rhaella, Summer

Master-of-Horse-and-Hunt – Edric

Head Servant & Keeper – Gretta

Squire to Ser Darron – Wine, Squire to Ser Dolins – Gerald

Memorial Of Those Lost In Service Of The House

Player Characters

Calaila – Murdered by Carsen Thorne while on a diplomatic mission to the Paps, 286 AC. In about 280 AC she began as a handmaiden at Snownook, rising to become the mistress of whispers before her death.

Jardon Pyke – Executed by Ser Thom Lynderly in the cells beneath Snakewood during the Storming of Snakewood in 286 AC. Jardon had risen from man-at-arms to master-at-arms and after a fall from grace he became captain of the guards and the vessel Rambis.

Non-Player Characters

Viktor Al-Tem – Killed by Ser Maelys in a training melee, 283 AC

Ser Samwell Stone – Killed in the Assault on Dragonstone by its garrison, 284 AC

Tito Alfah – Killed by so-called “zombies” during the expedition to Valyria, 285 AC

Ser Perin Pryor – Murdered in his chamber in Snownook, 285 AC

Ser Phillip – Drowned fighting off Ironborn reavers in the Stepstones, 286 AC

Thomas – The squire was killed by Ironborn reavers in the Stepstones after being freed from captivity by Ser Carsen, 287 AC

Titles & Styling of the Head of House

Lord of Snownook

Marshall of The Fingers & The Isles (285-288 AC)

House Motto

  • Stability come from within
  • No Regrets
  • Notable Holdings

    Smaller Council – panel of governing advisors for Lord Jasper

    Council of Justice – responsible for enforcing laws and decreeing punishment

    Rambis – a merchant cog purchased by Jardon Pyke with a small investment from Ser Dolins in Volantis, 284 AC

    VictorinoxValyrian steel longsword

    Runic Shield – an ancient bronze shield recovered from the Shell Fort

    The Order of the Darkwash River – A religious order originated in Essos

    The Ser Dolins College Of Bardistry – named for the bard knight himself; aspiring mummers, musicians, and fools are instructed by Silver and Gold

    Buffon’s III – a small tavern in Gulltown owned by Darron, Carsen, and Thaddeus a

    House Motto

    Official Words

    “Stability come from within”

    Unofficial Words

    “When in doubt, light it on fire”

    “No Regrets”

    Banner Houses

    Nearby Features

    Feliston – The hamlet just immediately east of Castle Snownook

    Jasport – The fishing village northeast of Castle Snownook… though it no longer belongs to House Jasper

    The Bridge of the Andals – The wide stone bridge was erected to cross a precipitous gully just after the Andals first landed in Westeros. It has been the traditional site of House Jasper’s trials-by-combat.

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