Order of the Darkwash River

Simply known as the “Order of the Darkwash”, or the “Darkwash”, this religious order came to the Fingers to find the sellswords called the Joyful Few. Though the mercenaries had been hired by House Jasper, they were all dead by the time the Darkwash arrived. The leaders of the Joyful Few and the Darkwash were brothers, named Viktor Al-Tem and Gregoriy Al-Tem respectively. They were permitted to stay by Lord Ronnel Jasper, eventually earning his trust when Gregoriy performed a miracle, curing the lord’s blindness.

The Order of the Darkwash River was founded in the hills near Norvos as a separatist sect from the Bearded Priests. They seem to draw power from the natural world, particularly rivers, hills, and mountains as well as animals like wolves and bears. The name of the god is said to hold much power and as a strict secret.

Members of the Order:
Gregoriy Al-Tem – Leader
Vesna Dorokhov – Right Hand
Nail Yesikov – Former Slave Soldier
Yuri Lapin – Exiled Bearded Priest
Joakim Uritsky – Formerly of the Joyful Few
Lina Mosin – Acolyte (deceased)
Lena Mosin – Acolyte
Kiril Skryabin – Formerly of the Joyful Few
Samara Kulik – Acolyte
Avros Yulkin – Acolyte
Budimir Kalinin – Former Slave Soldier

Sponsored by:
Lord Ronnel Jasper

Order of the Darkwash River

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