The Smaller Council

Much like it’s namesake, the Small Council, the Smaller Council is a group of appointees who manage the affairs of House Jasper for the Jasper family.

Members & Roles
Teddy JasperSteward
De facto leader of the council and manager of coin

Ser DarronMaster-At-Arms
Commander and trainer of the military

Ser Dolins – founder of the College of Bardistry
Moral guide

Key advisor, healer, and source of knowledge

EdricMaster of Horse & Hunt
(Summer acts as his proxy) The voice of the smallfolk

Ser Carsen – Head of the Banner House Thorne
Representative of House Jasper’s lone, true, banner house

Gregoriy Al-Tem – Beacon of Light
Overseer of the Council of Justice and spiritual guide

The Smaller Council

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