Victorinox features the light, strong, sharp steel that is typical of Valyrian steel. The blade is slightly slimmer than that of a typical longsword.

Victorinox was discovered in a cave network beyond the Wall in 283 AC. Ser Carsen Thorne, Jardon Pyke, and Ser Darron Brewlan wrestled it out of a strange looking door in the cave that it was embedded in. In doing so, they freed a swarm of wights and had to flee the scene.

Upon their return to Snownook the blade was presented to Lord Ronnel Jasper. The lord decreed that the sword is now the heirloom blade of House Jasper. He also allowed that Darron would be permitted to wield it until death, as a gesture of gratitude for retrieving the weapon. Darron would go on to use the weapon he dubbed Victorinox valiantly until it was taken from him by the Blackshield in 286 AC. By March of 287 AC the sword had been recovered from the vault beneath Goldengrove by Teddy Jasper, Ser Dolins, and Gregoriy Al-Tem (with guidance from Summer who had skin-changed into a mouse). Darron suggested that the sword would be better off in the hands of Ser Dolins and the bard knight reluctantly agreed to take on the sword (though he disagreed that the blade should be in his hands).

Ser Darron Brewlan 283 AC to 286 AC
Ser Dolins 287 AC to Present


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